ENVE Melee Road Frameset

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Mind prepped, body ready, equipment on point. The rest is out of your hands. When the gun goes off, a melee ensues.


In 2021 ENVE debuted the ultra-premium Custom Road and promised that the full-custom road bike made in-house at our Ogden, Utah facility was not a one-hit wonder. Rather, this marked the opening of a new chapter for ENVE as a frame and complete bicycle manufacturer.

Enter the Melee, a purpose-built road racing bicycle designed and engineered to meet the high-performance and versatility demands of today’s road racers. The Melee is a no-holds-barred modern race bike built specifically to meet the demands of the discipline.


Versatility has come to define the modern race bike. From criteriums to classics, one bike can do it all. This is largely accomplished with tire clearance. The Melee features a generous max tire clearance of 35mm, with the geometry and handling characteristics optimized for tires between 27mm and 32mm. Run 25mm to 30mm tires for road racing, or choose 28mm to 35mm tires for mixed surfaces.


The Melee is made using various forms of uni-directional carbon fiber following our Material Optimized Design (M.O.D.) process. Decades of marketing hype around the mystique of carbon fiber has led people to focus on the material itself instead of the process it is subjected to. At ENVE, we design and build to the strengths of carbon fiber. This means running continuous fibers throughout the part, tapering the laminate and removing excess material to save weight. Furthermore, fibers are layered and oriented to achieve zone-specific performance requirements like impact toughness, stiffness and compliance. The Melee, like all ENVE products, has been extensively tested and qualified in the lab and on the road to ensure the intended ENVE ride experience. Our promise is that if you ride ENVE, you're riding the best.


When ENVE introduced the Custom Road in 2021, they introduced the ENVE Chassis. Simply, an ENVE Chassis is the canvas upon which you can assemble your dream bike. An ENVE Melee is available as a Chassis only and includes the frame, fork, headset, handlebar, stem, and seatpost, which are proprietary to the Melee.

With the Melee, ENVE's new integrated Road Stem is debuted. This stem takes design cues from ENVE's Aero Road Stem and allows cables, wires and brake hoses to pass through the handlebar to head tube - hidden from sight and from the wind. The Melee also features a dedicated aero seatpost with a Kamm-tail design and ENVE's patented twin-bolt saddle rail clamp.


With racing in focus, the Melee has been tuned for response, precision and agility. Seven frame sizes aim to accommodate riders of all sizes and fit needs, while five unique fork rakes ensure that optimal handling is achieved regardless of frame size.

Size  47 50 52 54 56 58 60
Reach 370 376 381 386 394 400 409
Stack 509 525 538 552 571 589 609
Top Tube 506 551 536 547 563 578 598
Fork Rake 55 51 47 47 43 43 39
Seat Tube Length (c to top) 417 434 452 466 490 509 531
Seat Tube Angle 75.1 74.5 74 73.8 73.5 73.2 72.8
Head Tube Angle 71.1 71.5 72.2 72.4 73.3 73.3 73.7
BB Drop 75 75 75 73 73
71 71
Chainstay Length 410 410 410 410 410 412 412
Wheel Base 980 983 983 991 992 1006 1117
Front Centre 577 585 584 592 593 605 615
Standover 693 710 728 744 768 767 809
BB Height (29mm Tyre) 268 268 268 270 270 272 272


The Melee is compatible with all brands of electronic groupsets. It can be configured with all 1x mechanical drivetrains but will only accept Shimano 2x mechanical groupsets (the Melee requires continuous front derailleur housing, making it incompatible with SRAM and Campagnolo 2x mechanical groups).



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