Specialized S-Works TT 5 Helmet

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We work with the fastest racers in the world to create products that help them win the biggest races in the world. Then we make those products available to all riders so they can realize the same performance benefits as the pros.

The S-Works TT 5 helmet is an excellent example of our Made In Racing approach. Remco Evenepoel and Kasper Asgreen of Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl logged countless hours in our Win Tunnel until we arrived at the fastest TT helmet we have ever made.

Using CFD modeling, the helmet team reshaped the TT helmet, positioning the rear of the helmet to be nearer the rider’s shoulders, reducing the eddy of air that creates drag. To allow cleaner internal airflow, the helmet is built around an integrated aero head sock, compressing a rider’s ears and hair for optimized aerodynamics through the helmet. The results? 26 seconds off Remco’s 40K time-trial for a race that’s won by tenths of seconds.

The S-Works TT 5 helmet comes equipped with a Class 1 optics shield for zero distortion when looking down the road, unlike traditional lenses that are typically drape-formed with clear plastic. The shield has a hydrophobic coating to help clear moisture away if the weather turns bad on race day, as well as a high-grade (EN166) anti-fog coating.

The Occipital Base Adjustment optimizes comfort by personalizing fit to individual head shape and helmet angle can be adjusted for compatibility with glasses. An adjustable Tri-Fix web system gives riders added comfort with updated, thinner 10mm webbing that minimizes strap noise.

Our ultralight and supremely comfortable MIPS Node Air technology is integrated directly into the helmet padding, with a sleek low friction layer designed to dissipate rotational forces. With Specialized’s proprietary development work, we added perforations to maximize breathability, performance, comfort, and weight savings.


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