Specialized Fast Trak Grid 2Bliss Ready

We took the tread design of the Fast Trak GRID tire a step further by manipulating each knob with FE Analysis. We improved an already proven tread by having more consistent shoulder blocks for better cornering traction and block spacing is configured for better self-cleaning. GRIPTON compound gives a livelier feel and grip is enhanced in wet or dry conditions. We recommend GRID tires for anyone seeking the utmost in flat and sidewall protection.


Casing: Additional sidewall protection for exceptional durability, plus added sidewall stiffness for enhanced stability.

Bead: Foldable

Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready

Compound: 60a

650b x 2.3"; psi 25-50; approximate weight 700g

650b x 2.8"; psi 15-30; approximate weight 915g

29 x 2.1"; psi 25-50; approximate weight 690g

29 x 2.3"; psi 25-50; approximate weight 740g


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