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FOX 32

The Fox 32 was designed to be the ultimate lightweight cross country fork. The chassis uses a narrow stance to save weight and the step design makes room for the spokes and brake rotor.

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FOX 34

The Fox 34 offers more travel than the 32 to make it perfect for any all mountain bike. With 34mm upper tubes, the 34 is a great all around fork. There are two chassis models for the Fox 34, the standard 34 with travel options from 120mm-140mm and then the Fox 34SC, stands for Step Cast. The Step Cast version has been made specifically for 120mm travel and cuts weight down as much as possible, perfect for that beefy xc bike when the 32mm Fox fork doesn't cut it. The standard Fox 34 is also available now with a Grip2 damper, giving you that ultimate tunability in a lightweight package. 

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FOX 36

The Fox 36is a classic enduro travel fork from Fox. For 2021. The 36 received a redesign with a curved arch that provides more clearance, lower leg air bleeders, and the updated Grip2 damper, the 36 is now better than ever! Best suited for 150-170mm travel options, the Fox 36 is the perfect enduro fork with a ton of options to fit almost any bike.

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FOX 38

The Fox 38is meant for that hard charging super enduro rider looking for the best performing fork you can get. Splitting the difference between the Fox 36 and the Fox 40, the Fox 38 has 38mm upper tubes and has been winning races before it was released to the public. Richie Rude piloted this fork to a few EWS wins in 2019 and since then we have only sesen positive reviews. Handling travel from 160-180mm, the Fox 38 is ready for anything you can throw at it. Following the same design as the updated 36, the Fox 38 has a curved arch with clearance for larger head tubes, a grip2 damper only option and the lower leg bleeders, the 38 is ready for EWS racing or your local trails. 

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FOX 40

The Fox 40 has become known as one of the best performing downhill forks on the market. Since its introduction 10 years ago, Fox has continually found a way to improve the design and performance of the fork. Offering a smooth and stable ride, this fork generates incredible confidence no matter how difficult the trail. Getting a redesign in 2021, the Fox 40 also gets the curved arch and retains the lower leg bleeders you have seen in the past on the fox 40


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