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Power Meter Cranks are one of the many ways to let your legs do the talking for that extra valuable data you're looking for. We are a proud Stages dealer who can help you get set up - whether it's your first power meter or an upgrade.

Have a read below to get an idea of how Stages power meters works and what they provide.

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The Science of Stages

Stages meters are refined. Smart. Downright miniature. Made from the same material as bulletproof glass. Simply put, Stages Power meters employ the most advanced technology in the power meter category, all while being accurate, reliable and the simplest to maintain and use.

Stages Gen 3 Electronics.

Refined over the course of nearly a decade, the Gen 3 power meter electronics have state-of-the art radio hardware for enhanced signal strength, which ensures your power data consistently and reliably reaches your computer (or GPS watch) as well as an LED status indicator that shows pairing and battery status at a glance.

Very, very water resistant.

Like fluctuations in temperature, moisture is a reality in cycling – whether it’s caused by high heat and humidity or freezing cold rain. Stages power meters are designed to meet or exceed the IPX7 standard for water resistance and tested extensively in-house at our Boulder, Colorado facility as well as over thousands of miles out on the roads and trails.

ANT+ AND Bluetooth works with everything.

Stages was the first power meter brand to offer both ANT+ and Bluetooth transmission protocols. This simplifies the setup process and ensures that our power meters are compatible with a broad range of other devices, including smart trainers, phones, cyclometers and more. This also provides two-way communication for wireless firmware updates.

Simply put, power is a measurement – typically displayed in watts – of how hard you’re working on the bike, and the most accurate way to capture your true effort. Unlike heart rate, power is not affected by lack of sleep, dehydration, heat, stress or caffeine, And while heart rate changes can lag behind short efforts, power data is instantaneous. Power is the perfect tool to understand how you are progressing and the best indicator of fitness gained and fatigue level. Simply put, if you want to know how you’re doing, check your power.

What is power?

The equation for power is pure physics:

POWER  =    TORQUE          x    CADENCE
P      =         2X[(F x 9.8 x L)  x    (R x .1047)]

P=Power, aka Watts.

TORQUE //  Fave x 9.8 x L = Torque
(Fave = Average Force per Revolution )x(9.8 = gravitational constant)x (L=Length of Crank)

To measure TORQUE, Stages’ proprietary strain gages are laid precisely along the crank arm. These gages, which are the same tool used in aerospace, can detect the smallest flex in the stiffest crank. In this case, every pedal stroke, causes a small amount of flex along the crank arm. This downward force happens in every rotation. This force, multiplied by 9.8m/s2 and the length of crank arm are used to determine the force applied to a pedal stroke, or torque.

CADENCE  //  R x .1047 = Cadence
(R= Rotations — measured using an accelerometer)

Using an accelerometer (the same technology used to tell your phone how to orient its screen), the Stages meter measures cadence. The proprietary circuitry houses this cadence tool, allowing the meter to eliminate the antiquated need of magnets, external sensors, cables and zip ties to measure cadence. This modern technology also allows the meter to capture multiple positions per revolution, resulting in a faster response and better overall data. Once Cadence and Torque are collected, they are multiplied together to determine the POWER of a single pedal stroke.

More models. More options. More features.

Looking to add watts to your sprint? Or just want to pace yourself over that big climb? With a wide range of models, features and price points, there’s a Stages for everyone.

All Stages Power Meters feature:

  • High-resolution Gen 3 Stages electronics with enhanced signal strength for reliable, consistent data capture and transfer
  • Integrated accelerometer for magnet-free cadence – Easy setup and no need for extra sensors or magnets
  • Both ANT+ and Bluetooth transmission for compatibility with virtually any computer, phone or smart trainer
  • Tested and proven accuracy to +/- 1.5%
  • Active Temperature compensation for consistent performance
  • IPX7 water resistant
  • User-replaceable CR2032 batteries
  • Superlight – adds just 20 grams


Exceptional precision and advanced pedal stroke data and analysis

  • True Left/Right balance, torque efficiency and pedaling smoothness
  • Can be de-coupled and fitted to two separate bikes
  • Shimano Ultegra, Dura Ace, XTR and XT models available
  • 175+ hours of battery life
  • Starting at $1639


The elegantly simple, proven performer and Tour de France winner

  • Shimano, Campagnolo and Cannondale SI models available.
  • Stages L Carbon Power Meters and spindles compatible with SRAM/SRAM DUB, FSA, Specialized, Easton and Race Face cranks
  • 200+ hours of battery life
  • Starting at $699


Great for gravel bikes, TT/triathlon & aero road bikes with reduced chainstay clearances

  • Converts ANY existing Stages L power meter into a bilateral LR unit
  • Shimano Ultegra, Dura Ace, XTR and XT models available
  • 200+ hours of battery life
  • Starting at $1049


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