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QUARQ Power Meters are one of the many ways to let your legs do the talking for that extra valuable data you're looking for. We are a proud QUARQ dealer who can help you get set up - whether it's your first power meter or an upgrade.

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At QUARQ, they know you are working hard, riding in all conditions and on all terrains. The team at QUARQ know that success for you means beating your own record, improving your own time, and reaching your personal goals. They make innovative and accurate technology to simplify every ride so you can become a more confident and inspired rider.


Power is measured in watts. A watt is a basic unit of power equal to 1 joule per second. It is a common unit used to express effort exerted. A power meter measures power by tracking the amount of torque produced by your pedaling and multiplying that number by cadence, or how fast you’re pedaling. So for a moving bicycle, Power = Torque x Cadence.

A power meter measures your power output, enabling you to make data-backed decisions that prevent burnout and injuries that come from over-exertion. A power meter provides you with the information needed to build strength and improve your overall technique. Through power analysis, you are able to understand your baseline fitness, visualize your gains, and understand your energy usage and the intensity, duration, and frequency of your ride.

SRAM RED/FORCE AXS™ Power Meter Spider

In order to design a better product, sometimes you must let tradition go. The SRAM Force AXS™ power meter spider is a prime example. Designed specifically for electronic shifting and featuring Quarq's premier DZero™ power measurement technology, the SRAM Force AXS™ is a huge step forward in power meter design.


  • AXS™ enabled for easy monitoring and firmware upgrades
  • Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ compatible
  • Power readings are accurate within +/-1.5% and aren’t affected by climate conditions during a ride
  • Power balance measures left and right legs separately
  • Uses a common CR2032 battery that last for 200 riding hours and changes without tools

 *These power meter spiders are to upgrade your current non-power AXS™ crankset.

RRP $1233



  • Bluetooth low energy technology and ANT+ wireless data transfer
  • MagicZero - automatically checks and recalibrates your power meter as you ride – no need to manually calibrate
  • AxCad -- no cadence magnet required
  • 10K Temperature Compensation
  • Battery -- CR2032, 200-hour battery life, change without tools
  • OmniCal -- swap chainrings without affecting accuracy
  • 2-year warranty
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Accuracy -- within 1.5%, measuring both legs.


Speeds 11, 11/12

BB Compatibility All SRAM Road DUB BBs, DUB:BSA73, PF89.5, PF92, PF30 MTB73, BB30 MTB73, BSA MTB68SP

Chainring Size No rings

Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) 104 BCD, 110 BCD, 130 BCD

Chainline n/a

BB Spindle Interface DUB

Chainring material No rings

Power Meter Type ANT+ and BLE

RRP $742

QUARQ DZero Spider For Specialized

Quarq DZero for Specialized replaces the factory spider on Specialized’s S-Works carbon crankset. It is compatible with cranksets from 2013-2017. 


DZero is Quarq’s next-generation power meter platform for those who live to be challenged, pushed, and tested in the toughest scenarios imaginable. Now Quarq has introduced a DZero spider designed to replace the factory spider on Specialized’s S-Works carbon crankset.

Quarq DZero for Specialized embodies 10 years of Quarq advances in power meter technology, plus new features such as dual Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ wireless data transfer, revised circuitry, a new strain gauge design and the Qalvin BLE app. You also get AxCad accelerometer cadence, the easy-to-replace CR2032 battery, an IPX7 waterproof rating and a 2-year warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Bluetooth low energy technology and ANT+ wireless data transfer.
  • AxCad – no cadence magnet required.
  • 10K Temperature Compensation.
  • Battery – CR2032, 200-hour battery life, change without tools.
  • Power Balance.
  • OmniCal – swap chainrings without affecting accuracy.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • IPX7 waterproof rating.
  • Accuracy – within 1.5%, measuring both legs.
  • Free firmware upgrades with the Qalvin app

Essential Details

  • Traditional 5-arm spider compatible with Specialized S- Works Carbon Road Crank Arms from 2013-2017.
  • Available in 130 BCD and 110 BCD.
  • Replaces the standard spider.
  • A Specialized lock ring tool is required for installation.

RRP $742

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