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Power Meter Cranks are one of the many ways to let your legs do the talking for that extra valuable data you're looking for. We are a proud 4iiii dealer who can help you get set up - whether it's your first power meter or an upgrade.

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Whether fighting for the yellow jersey, a podium spot in Kona, or for the race to the cafe, everyone deserves a power meter that they can depend on. All 4iiii Powermeters include patented 3D Strain Gauge technology to deliver +/- 1% accuracy. You can also be assured that your 4iiii Powermeter is as tough as you are, and that is why we offer an industry leading 3 year warranty.

4iiii Precision Pro Dual-Side

Ridden by the pros, PRECISION PRO dual-side power meters deliver all the benefits of our left-side model (exceptional accuracy, lightweight design, ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility, 3D powermeter technology), plus a specific breakdown of left and right wattage. Perfect for those who need specific power output from each crank side, or anyone who simply wants the best power meter on the market.

  • 3D power meter technology (patent pending) measures tri-axial strain on your crank
  • Accurate, consistent data
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Battery status indicator via 4iiii app
  • Compatible with ANT+, Bluetooth Smart head units, smartphones, and other 4iiii products
  • User-friendly app and configurable rider compensation scale factor
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Over-the-air upgrade capability for adding new features and updates


  • Weight: 25 grams (power meter only)
  • Data accuracy: +/- 1% error margin
  • Battery life: 100+ hours on 2032 coin cell battery
  • Battery status indicator: Alert at 15% battery power

 Available in Shimano 105 7000 $1199.90, Ultegra 8000 $1599, and Dura Ace 9100 $2249

4iiii Precision Right-Side

Used to pace attacks up the Alpe D’Huez in the Tour de France and to hammer on the Queen K during the Ironman World Championships, the PRECISION Powermeter delivers industry leading accuracy and reliability when you need it most. Through our patented 3D Strain Gauge technology, you can be assured that the data you depend on will help lead you to your own Yellow Jersey.

Packaged into a durable lightweight design and compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart headunits, PRECISION will help you train harder and smarter.

A Ride Ready right-side PRECISION includes and comes preinstalled on a brand-new Shimano crank of your choice. These crank arms will fit bottom brackets using the Hollowtech II interface.

Only available in GRX RX810 cranks at $949.90 RRP



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