Specialized Turbo SL 'Range Extender' Battery

The Range Extender battery from Specialized serves to provide an additional 50% range to extend your SL's playground boundaries. Ride with confidence in that you'll arrive at your destination with power!

Whether you're a Como SL, Vado SL, Creo SL, Levo SL or Kenevo SL rider, this external battery pack is compatible with your bike. Riders looking for incredible range should look no further than the SL models, as their real-world ranges are far greater (50%) than even their 700Wh, full-powered older siblings. Hypothetically, providing you had a rotation of fresh Range Extender batteries, you'd be able to chase an indefinite horizon and soon enough arrive in Bluff!

  • Provides an additional 160Wh of battery capacity, which equates to approximately 64km of extra riding (dependant upon multiple variables).

  • Compatible with Turbo SL electric bikes from Specialized.

  • Displays three LED indicators to present the battery's current charge status.

  • Includes an elastic strap to help snugly secure to the 'Zee bottle cage'.

  • Includes one Specialized 'Zee' right-hand, matte back bottle cage.

Please note, an 'extender cable' is required to run from your charging port to your 'Range Extender' battery. These cables are sold seperately and available in a '220mm - Road' length for the Vado SL, Creo SL and Como SL. While a '160mm - MTB' cable is purposed for the Levo SL and a '285mm' for the Kenevo SL.


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