MEC Tineli Core Jersey Orange

    Our premium, race fit MEC jersey has an air of 'sophisticated speed' to have you pedalling without compromise. A bright, safe fabric colour in orange will help keep you to vehicles, while feeling like a second skin.
    Come ride along with us, resplendent in our new-season orange!
  • Race Fit jersey with 'Waffle' textured fabric on the sleeve and side panels for improved fit and an aerodynamic advantage.

  • 'Vent' body fabric for ultimate breathability during the warmer months.

  • Double stitched pockets and hems for durability.

  • Three rear pockets.

  • Full coverage, full colour, fade resistant digital sublimation printing.

Vent fabric is a summer weight vented fabric for maximum breathability and cooling in hot summer conditions.

Waffle textured fabric on a cycling garment causes turbulence in the thin layer of air closest to the dimples. This layer of turbulent air is able to follow the contours of the garment much longer creating a smaller wake and and lower drag. (This is also known as the golf ball effect because it's why golf balls have dimples).

Double stitching! You might not even notice at first, but the extra effort we put into the finishing details of our garments, such as high load areas like the pockets, means they'll last you twice as long.

An invisible zip allows the print to meet perfectly at the centre to ensure the spacing and lettering of logos across the chest is preserved.


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