Scicon Aerocomfort MTB 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bag

The new SCICON AeroComfort MTB 3.0 TSA is designed to provide the ultimate protection for your mountain bike whether you’re traveling to a race, seeking out new trails abroad or just going on a vacation. Less time to pack, more time to explore. Simply remove the wheels and turn the handlebars and you’re good to go. Bike-packing ease just reached a whole new level.

Bike bags are cheaper because most airlines won’t charge you a supplementary charge, but they don’t normally offer the same protection as bike cases. That’s why we created the all-new SCICON AeroComfort MTB 3.0 TSA bike travel bag – providing case-level protection in the form of a bike bag.

It has been developed with and tested by the world’s leading athletes. It is the first choice of the pros because it is lightweight and comfortable to carry, yet maintains a high level of protection in all the right places. The AeroComfort MTB 3.0 TSA is the official bike bag of the Cape Epic in South Africa – the world’s toughest XC Mountain Bike stage race.


The internal frame defender system holds your bike upright at all times, while protecting it from impacts. It is compatible with both quick release and thru axle skewer systems. 15mm front and 12mm rear diameter are the default, but multiple adapters are available, including Cannondale Lefty™.

The padded outer soft shell features rigid protection shields to protect the bike’s most critical areas and fragile parts. Reinforced wheel pockets on both sides of the bike travel bag offer enough room for 29” tyres.

The internal wheel pockets and frame defender system also mean that customs and security personnel can inspect your bike without having to remove it from the bike bag. While a TSA padlock protects provides added security – only allowing access to TSA agents.


Designed to hold 26”, 27,5” and 29” MTB bike frames. The T-bars of the internal Frame Defender Structure have diameter of 15mm in the front and 12mm in the rear to accommodate thru-axle skewers.


Saving space when not is use, the SCICON® AeroComfort MTB 3.0 TSA bike travel bag folds down to a practical size.


Light as a feather. With a shear 9kg of weight, the AeroComfort MTB 3.0 TSA bike travel bag allows you to stay below the maximum allowance of most airlines, saving you additional fees every time you fly.


Providing better mobility, the SCICON Twin Wheel System features eight precision ball bearing wheels which rotate 360°, keeping your bike travel bag upright and maneuverable whatever the terrain. Developed with Tente, the SCICON Twin Wheel System comes with increased rolling performance and reduced attrition for long-lasting use.


A TSA padlock ensures the safety of the bike as well as access to the bike travel bag to customs authorities in the USA, Canada and many other international airports.

The SCICON AeroComfort MTB 3.0 TSA makes packing as simple as it can get. Its clever design allows the bike to remain intact – the handlebars are twisted to the side and the seat post remains in place. The wheels need to be removed and inserted into the internal pockets. Packed in minutes and ready to hit the trails in minutes after arriving at your destination.



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